Success Stories

Diabetes Education for Patients

The Patient Education Kiosk with X-Plain® Diabetes Education Software

  • Used by the nurses to educate patients and families about Diabetes.
  • The nurse brings the kiosk to the patient’s room and gives them a brief introduction and demonstration.
  • Patient receives a packet of information about the kiosk and how to use it.


How does the Patient Education Kiosk work?

  • The nurse leaves the patient so the patient can do the education in private
  • If the patient is a poor reader, they can listen to the information
  • The program is interactive so the patient at the end of each page needs to touch the screen to go to the next page or repeat the page.
  • At the end of each module/topic, there is a patient evaluation of the program which consists of 7 questions.
  • After completing the evaluation, the patient receives a summary printout of the information and a certificate of completion when the module/topic is complete.
  • The nurse returns to review with the patient and answer any questions. The certificate is signed and placed in the Medical Record documenting the education.


  • The nurse is free to attend to other duties.
  • No delays in starting the education waiting for an interpreter if the patient’s primary language is Spanish.
  • The nurse brings the Blood Glucose Meter to the patient as they are learning from the module. The hands-on activity increases learning.
  • Information is always given in a consistent manner, no topic is missed.
  • Patient learns in private.
  • Summary print out is in a large font for easier reading when at home.
  • Kiosk education experience is documented, recorded and consistent.

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