Listen to what our clients are saying.

Nurses’ Experience

“The Patient Education Kiosk Program was very successful. The patients that were admitted with a diagnosis of Diabetes were well educated upon discharge and better prepared to manage their disease process at home. There was a patient who was admitted with a blood sugar of 1000. Once the patient was stabilized we had the patient/family review all the topics in our Diabetes Library. They embraced the education, took their time, and even repeated several of the modules. Their questions were realistic and they felt well prepared to go home. Their personal physician was very impressed with the education that the patient received and within one year the patient returned to see us. The family thanked us for the kiosk education and the support we provided. The person had followed the diet, exercised, lost weight and now had a normal blood sugar.

Within two years, we needed to add another Patient Education Kiosk because of the high demand. During this time, there was neither increase in staff nor any increase in the hours of operation.

We were performing more complex procedures and the number of patient teaches increased. Patient and staff satisfaction were high.

The unit nurses realized the benefit of patient education. However, they were aware of the challenges such as: Individuals presented the education differently, not consistent, needed to make sure all aspects of the education were presented. The Patient Education Kiosk solved this.

Several nurses may be teaching the same information to the patient, but each nurse may have a different teaching style which could cause the patient/family to be confused or take them longer to learn because they need to adapt to the different teaching styles. The Patient Education Kiosk allowed for consistent learning.”


Patients’ Experience

At the end of the education module, there is an opportunity for the patient/family to answer seven questions, which evaluate the program. The choices are yes, no or N/A. The evaluations have been consistently rated at the 98 percentile.

The following are statements from patients who had first-hand experience with a Patient Education System:

A 70-year old patient stated, “I don’t know how to use a computer and I can’t use the kiosk to learn about Diabetes.” One of the nurses explained how to use it and took the time to help her get started with the education. It was a day that a nurse surveyor for Joint commission was present and interviewed this patient about the educational experience. The patient stated,” I learned how to use a computer and learned all about my Diabetes.”

A patient was instructed to watch certain modules in the Diabetes Library. The patient commented, ” that she shut off her Television and watched all the modules because they were so interesting and she learned so much about her Diabetes.”

Talking with patients and families, they indicate that they value the education because they can take their time and repeat the information so they understand it or can ask a question that makes sense. When being taught by the nurse, at times they felt like they had to agree even if they didn’t understand the information because the nurse had other things to do. The patient/family did not feel rushed.

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