Portable Bedside Kiosk

Bedside, Portable Patient Education Kiosks

The newest, the most patient-friendly kiosk available.

A superior solution for patient education – The Answer

  • Developed portable patient education kiosk with input from Nurses
  • Review and Customize Education Libraries based on Protocols
  • The nurse is free to attend to other duties.
  • No delays in starting the education waiting for an interpreter if the patient’s primary language is Spanish.
  • Summary printout for the patient in large easy to read type
  • Documentation for Medical Record (Meets Joint Commission Standards) – Kiosk education experience is documented, recorded and consistent.
  • Nurse Training
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey, Management Reports – easy to manage tools to administer, modify and track
  • Yearly Education Updates, Critical Updates as needed

What is a Kiosk?

  • Constructed for strength, durability and grounded
  • A case to house the computer for the software and the printer
  • Can be stationary or portable with swivel casters for easy mobility
  • Contains a Kiosk Touch Screen Monitor, Speakers and Printer
  • Meets Hospital Infection Control Standards for a wipe-free bacteria surface
  • Mobile, comes to patient when ready to learn.
  • Easy to clean (Infection Control).
  • Allows patient to learn in private.
  • Learning reinforced by questions asked.
  • Patient Education is improved since the device will answer basic questions allowing the Nurse to focus on the patient’s follow-up questions on any shift at a convenient time for both.
  • Always available when a patient is ready to learn.
  • Presented in different languages.
  • Patients can learn at their own pace.
  • Patients can focus on the text, sound, or both based on their learning preferences.
  • Summary printout to take home.
  • Issues Certificate of Completion (can be placed in Medical Record).
  • Meets Joint Commission Patient Education Requirements under patient safety.
  • Easy for a nurse to push and manage
  • Automatic start-up when plugged in
  • Patient/family – introduction on how to use, takes an average of 5 -10 minutes, allows a nurse to attend to other patients.
  • Available 24/7
  • Education could take on the average a minimum of 3 hours without the kiosk.
  • Meets Joint Commission Standards
  • Complete set of management and patient reports
  • Libraries are based on Medical Protocols
  • Over 600 Education Libraries available
  • Kiosk education experience is documented, recorded and consistent.
  • The nurse is able to keep current with the information; therefore, he/she feels more comfortable answering questions and is more willing to provide the education.
  • 19” LCD Touchscreen Adjustable Monitor on Swing Arm
    • Vertical range – 15” (38 cm)
    • Horizontal range up to – 34” (86 cm)
    • Monitor tilt. – up to 120 degrees
    • Monitor rotation – 180 degrees
  • Computer
  • LaserJet Printer
  • Earphone capability
  • 4 Silent twin wheel locking casters
  • Speakers (amplified with volume control)
  • Tripp-Lite Medical-Grade Power Tap, 15 Foot Power Cord
  • Cabling, Integration, Testing and Packaging
  • Meets ADA requirements
  • Easy to clean (Meets Infectious Disease Standards)

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