Nurse Training

Nurse Training

When a hospital or clinic purchases a patient education device, Winstanley Associates provides an in-service for the nurses on all shifts.

Winstanley Associates work with the facility to schedule days and times for nurse training. Typically the nurses will need to be available for 30 minutes.

Once the schedule is set, a Winstanley Associates nurse educator will come to the hospital or clinic to in-service the nurses. The components of the in-service are:

  • Demonstrate how the device works
    • Check the paper level in the printer
    • Introduce the patient education kiosk to the patient
    • Set up the patient and/or family to comfortably use the touchscreen
    • Plug it in
  • Demonstrate the X-Plain® Patient Education libraries and modules
    • Start the education programs
    • Use the search feature to find specific modules
    • Learn the features of the interactive education, i.e. volume, next page, repeat page, questions to answer
    • Promote the patient satisfaction survey questions
    • Obtain the patient summary printout and documentation certificate
  • Demonstrate cleaning the kiosk
    • Two step disinfecting and cleaning the kiosk or whatever method is used at your facility
    • Check that monitor arm is in correct position
  • Discuss how to present the patient education program to the patient and/or family, i.e. the importance of the education, and that it is a tool that the nurse uses to ensure the patient and family receives the education needed to continue self-care at home
  • Questions

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