Winstanley Associates is the complete patient education supplier

In addition to working closely with our clients to develop the education desired for patients, we design and build the hardware that brings it to your patient. The devices are designed to fit seamlessly with our client’s brand.

In the era of affordable health care, it is important that patients/families be educated about how to maintain their health; whether it be preventative or managing a chronic condition. The patient education systems offered by Winstanley Associates are a cost effective way to consistently educate people on different healthcare topics.

The design of the device you choose to deliver the patient education includes:

  • Enclosure Design
  • Component Selection
  • Information Systems Engineering
  • Component Integration Engineering
  • Engineering Sketches
  • Renderings
  • Engineering Drawings

Winstanley Associates consistently follows the highest level of professionalism in all aspects of the process, including:

  • Agency Compliance
  • Compliance with individual Healthcare Systems Requirements
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Artwork and Graphics
  • Packaging Design
  • Serviceability Design
  • Project Management

Manufacturing of the device chosen is made to be compliant with all hospital standards, withstand years of wear and fits your brand.

  • Enclosure Assembly
  • Component Integration
  • Device Testing
  • Device Packaging
  • Documentation
  • Delivery
  • Installation/Support

Winstanley Associates makes sure you are ready to go once the device is delivered:

  • Installs the device in the designated location.
  • Start-up the printer with the proper toner and paper.
  • Test the entire software package and print capabilities of the device in place.
  • Check all cables and component hook-ups.
  • Install the network connection or set-up stand alone mode.
  • Review all log data.
  • Check all data as it refers to patient confidentiality per HIPPA regulations.
  • Train personnel on hardware preventive maintenance.
  • Turn over all manuals to designated personnel.


Portable Bedside Kiosk

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Stationary Kiosk

A great solution for high traffic areas.

Tablet Wall Mounted Option

This bedside education device is mounted permanently on the wall and can be easily positioned within reach of the patient. Click here to read more.

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