JCAHO – Supporting Documentation Standards

Patient and Family Education Standards

Should be an interactive process that includes:

  • Assessing a patient/family’s knowledge, skill, ability, and readiness to learn
  • Assessing the patient / family learning preference
  • Using the patient learning preference when educating the patient / family
  • Education should be documented otherwise it does not exist
  • Evaluating how well the patient and family understood the information.

How to comply:

A teaching record should be used for the healthcare provider to use to document how the patient was taught, how the patient/family’s understanding was evaluated and how it was determined that the patient/family understood the information.

The educational kiosk has a software program that prints a certificate of completion of the learning module. This certificate can be placed in the chart as documentation of the learning. Questions are asked and the patient/family has to answer them correctly. If the question is missed, it is asked again until the patient gets it correct indicating that they understand the material or it refers them back to the learning module.

The Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Livermore received a high evaluation from JCAHO for the patient education provided to their patients. They are using the educational kiosk and the diabetes software program.

Kaiser Vallejo Medical Center during the 2004 survey: The surveyors have been very impressed with patient education, especially with the diabetic teaching kiosk that goes to the bedside.

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