Project Management

Project management is the most critical component of any solution.

Even the most well laid plans and technical designs can fail to produce successful results if the entire strategy of the project is not designed, scheduled and followed.

Project and Program Management is responsible for the following:

  • Customizing the educational material within the detailed clinical education protocol for our clients’ patients.
  • Obtaining consistency of the clinical information between facilities within a health system and to obtain consensus. This requires the project and program manager to seek out physicians and nurses that are clinical specialists at each facility to assist with approving that clinical specialty.
  • Facilitating any updates, as well as managing the necessary approvals for any new interactive education libraries the health system wishes to bring into their facilities.

Management Reports

The reports that can be run using the X-Plain®  Patient Education software included with the education device allow for easy documentation and usage of the system.

The nurse manager can review the top educational topics that are being completed, as well as those that are not being done. The time it takes a patient to complete the material and the survey are also reported.


Project & Risk Management Review: Initial review of client goals.

Time Line and Task Breakout: Outline timeline till installation

Purchasing and Receiving: Purchasing planning to match rollout and coordinating receiving on client end.

Equipment Testing: Equipment testing and integration into kiosk shell

Testing Procedures: Cable certification and testing of equipment

System Validation: Through-put validation and system burn-in and test

Software Load and Test: Operating and application software is loaded and tested.

Application Test and Burn: Test dial-in / upload / download

Early Hardware Failure Management: Semi-annual Preventative Maintenance

Asset Management: Device tracking badge, serial number, warranty and asset tag management

Customer Acceptance Criteria Sign-off: Documentation of all elements and customer acceptance criteria sign-off. Final documentation-serial numbers by component by device are delivered.

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